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The Good Old Days…

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Illustration and explanation of 17th century public lashings via Leia-Ann Woods.

18th century prison flogging

In the 1700 in Germany, what they call an “Ochenziemer” was used as a harsher alternative to the birch rod for judiciary punishments. If mentioned in the sentence, the lashes were given during the culprit stay at the prison. The men usually got it on the bare back, tied to a post, thewomen on mostly on clothed buttocks, frequently covered only with thin wet pants but sometimes also on the bare, while lying on a long low bench which had restraining mechanisms for holding the head and feet. But even when a flogging was not included in the judge’s sentence, the pizzle (or a birch rod) was used for the customary “welcome” and “farewell” floggings given to all prisoners, male and female, just after entering and just before leaving the prison. Those floggings were usually given in front of people, both women and men, that went to prison just for watching (and enjoying) the punishments.

Pole dancing

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Pole Dancing

I know she cleaned that spot off first. Right?